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December 31, 2010

Churrete de Luna

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Antonio Malena (sorry the quality of the video is bad but the sound fantastic!)

Many years ago, I took a cante class with Antonio Malena. I loved his style, matching shoes but different colors and his whimsical attitude towards teaching a group of novice Flamenco students his cante.
He gave us sheet with some bulerias letras. The verse below, he explained could be sung in two different ways. The first was a traditional bulerias compas but the second had this nice, almost-chanty feel to it. When he explained how it went, I could’ve sworn he had twinkle in his eye. I guess I got into it because at one point he looked up at me and smiled and with facial gestures said “Ah, you see what I mean.”

Bulerias Jerezanas-El Malen

No me mienta
como Juda
Anda y dame un beso
y dime que es mentira
cafe caliente
cosa de siempre
churrete de luna

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