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February 21, 2010

Por Soleá

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Camarón por soleá con Tomatito

Yesterday, I attended the Roots and Evolution of Flamenco presentation at USC sponsored by La Peña Andaluza en California. Despite arriving a bit late, I was fortunate to catch some of the performances and was especially glad to make it in time to hear Angelita Agujetas sing as she is one of my favorite local cantaoras.
After the presentation, there was a short question and answer period and a thoughtful and at times biting, discussion took place regarding flamencologists, the difference in dance styles, the use of castanets and most surprisingly, some comments on whether Camaron was a good interpreter of Solea. As someone who worships at the altar of Camaron, I was surprised to hear this but considering the source, one of the Agujetas clan, I was willing to examine the idea.
I don’t think I know enough about cante to say anything on the subject but I have included two videos here, one of Camaron con Tomatito and the other of Antonio Mairena, who is well-known for his interpretations of Solea. I will let you make your own decision.

Antonio Mairena con Manuel Morao – Soleá

Antonio Mairena con Melchor de Marchena- Soleá – Parte 2

To hear even older interpretations of Soleá, please check out the excellent site Excavated Shellac. There are a couple of very interesting soleá tracks including one por baile.

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February 17, 2010

Dos Lunares Film Night

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Favorite Video of the Week: Dolores Agujetas

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Dolores Agujetas con sus hijos cantando por buleria

I once read an interview with Dolores Agujetas where she said I don’t sing Flamenco, I sing Cante Gitano. I wouldn’t disagree.
Watch the video until the end to see los hijos do their thing.

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January 22, 2010

Django Reinhardt

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Django Reinhardt – J’attendrai Swing 1939

Los Angeles Times article got me thinking about Django:

Django Reinhardt: The original Guitar Hero?

Saturday marks what would have been the 100th birthday of guitarist Django Reinhardt, and one thing the Gypsy jazz innovator is often credited with is helping elevate the guitar from a supporting role to a lead player in his vibrant take on early American jazz.

Read more here.

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January 20, 2010

Actions, Conversations, and Intersections

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Actions, Conversations, and Intersections
an exhibition of participatory projects at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery January 24 – April 18, 2010

Dos Lunares presents a weekend journey into Romani/Gypsy culture and music with a film screening, discussion and an interactive Flamenco performance.

More details coming soon!

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January 16, 2010

El Peret

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I’m in the midst of reading Little Money Street: In Search of Gypsies and Their Music in the South of France, a nice little book on French Catalan Gitanos. It mostly focuses on the popular group Tekameli. But whenever I hear ‘Catalan rumbas’ my mind automatically goes to Peret and his charming rumbas. He is the master of the style.

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January 7, 2010


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Happy New Year!

Some exciting events coming up this year! In March Dos Lunares will be presenting a program at the Barnsdall Municipal Art Gallery, more info coming soon.

For now, I am excited by the trailer for Tony Gatliff’s new film Liberté. The visuals go along with the book I’m currently reading Zoli by Colum McCann.

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December 18, 2009

Favorite Video of the Week: Los Niños Flamencos

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I have a special fondness for children who develop arte at an early age. Considering how distracted kids are these days by computer and TV screens, it’s inspiring to see youngins so adeptly demonstrate compas and sentimiento in their baile and cante. The following are two clips that have blown me away!

Battle between El Piky y El Banana recorded in Algemesi (Andalucia)

Lole y Manuel accompany a film clip of Gitanos in the country

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November 25, 2009

Las Tres Mil Viviendas de Sevilla

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Trailer for Polígono Sur

For hundreds of years, Gitanos in Sevilla lived in a neighborhood called Triana alongside the Guadalquivir river. Some of the most beautiful and intense Flamenco was created here amongst the culturally rich Gitanos. The Spanish authorities and developers eyed their enviable location with dollar signs in their eyes and as with happens with gentrification around the world, the Gitano community was flung to the outskirts of the city to live in government created high-rise housing. In this foreboding place they attempted to carry-on the traditions they practiced for hundreds of years but unfortunately the geography of the area made this difficult. (There is a well-known story of the man who would take his donkey up and down the elevator.) One tradition that did survive is Flamenco. The name of this place? Polígono Sur or Las Tres Mil Viviendas de Sevilla.

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November 22, 2009

Favorite Video of the Week: Cigány tánc (Gypsy dance)

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From the description: Archival film of Gypsy dances from the village of Királyháza.

Happy Sunday!

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